Blueberry Muffsconut

This morning I made Chef John's Blueberry Muffsconuts. These are great  as a breakfast treat with your tea or coffee.

I had an appropriate substitute for the Spelt Flour, but I decided to go with All-Purpose just to see how they would turn out. Also, I always keeps fresh-frozen fruits and veggies in one of my freezers. So I used those frozen blueberries instead of fresh since they aren't currently in season.

Served with fresh, homemade butter they we amazing!

I'd like to add, that in the process of making homemade butter, you end up with fresh buttermilk. Which is what I used to make these scones! I also wanted touch upon a tool substitute for those that do not have a pastry scraper, (I have one, I swear I do), I used my meat cleaver. I wanted to show that if you don't have the "proper" piece of equipment, think outside the box. There is always a way to create your confection!